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St. Francis Fraternity
Order Franciscan Seculars 
Located at
St. Mary's Basilica
Phoenix, Arizona


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Prayer Intentions for December 2023

For all who have died in the promise of faith; that Christ may welcome them, give them eternal peace, and unite them with our hope in his Mystical Body.

For our Holy Father, Francis, our Bishop John, and for all the Priests, Deacons and Sisters who serve our Diocese. For Religious Institutes and Associations of Faithful.

For peace in Central Europe and the Middle East; for the safety and protection of all innocent people everywhere. 

For our Region Council Chapter November 4; that our leaders work in community, peace and joy to strengthen the Franciscan presence in Arizona.

For every good thing and every blessing we receive, that we may be truly thankful, truly generous, and living witnesses of Christ's love...!


DIA De Los MUERTOS Celebration

Sunday, November 5, 11:00 am to 5pm, outside at St. Mary's Basilica


Every 3rd Sunday of the month:

2:30- 4:30 P.M. (Please check the calendar for possible changes.)

St. Mary's Basilica Social Hall

231 N. 3rd St.

Phoenix, AZ  85004

  • Don't forget your food box items for St. Vincent de Paul.



Before fraternity gatherings from 12:15- 2:15 P.M.  in the Diocesan Center meeting rooms. For more information, please contact:

Minister: Tom McNamara, OFS  

Formation Director: Dan Medina, OFS

Spanish Liturgy

Join us on Sunday, December at Saint Mary's Basilica for Mass in Spanish. All are welcome!


Our Fraternity Gathering is December 17. Initial formation groups meet at 12:15 pm in the Diocesan Center. The community gathering begins at 2:30 in the Parish Basement Community Center. If you have a photograph of a loved one who has passed on, please bring it to add to our memorial celebration.

Autumn Greeting

Autumn, 2023


Dear Friends,


At the October 17th Special Chapter on Unification, our brother friars chose the mission of "renewing Franciscan life, spirituality and fraternity by living the Gospel through service to the poor and those in the margins." (Jerome Wolbert, OFM, National Spiritual Assistant.)


Our Secular Franciscan Order is also in a journey of renewal and, like the friars, we hope to do it by living the Gospel. How that will happen depends on each of us reading the Gospel, finding ourselves in it with our unique gifts, and letting it lead us to our work. Since, as a community, we are both aging and weary, this journey will include reaching out to younger people. It might not be spectacular--but our work can still be daily, immediate and satisfying.

We don't need to be heroes. God gives us good servant leaders, so those jobs are covered. What is there for someone who's looking for meaning and relevance in service to the needs of others? I'm guessing our adventure will continue with most of the challenges we face right now.

But this is certainly a good time for renewing our joy, zeal, excitement and fraternity so that younger folks can see us and wonder, "Are they for real? What is the reason for their joy...?"


We can find the answer in the Gospel.


So as we race into the "Season of Joy" let's reflect on and turn our hearts toward Christ the Missionary. Our lives reach out to a wide collection of people waiting for the Good News. How will we share it? How will we build the Beautiful City of love and respect that is destined to be the eternal Temple of our Lord?

Come to fraternity. Let's talk about it together. And if you find your work to do, don't wait to begin. "Now is the acceptable time! Now is the year of favor...!"


May the Spirit of Renewal enbrace you and bless you endlessly.



Tom McNamara, OFS

Minister, St. Francis Fraternity

Otoño, 2023

Queridos amigos,

En el Capítulo Especial sobre la Unificación del 17 de octubre, nuestros hermanos frailes eligieron la misión de "renovar la vida, la espiritualidad y la fraternidad franciscanas viviendo el Evangelio a través del servicio a los pobres y a los marginados". (Jerome Wolbert, OFM, Asistente Espiritual Nacional).

Nuestra Orden Franciscana Seglar también está en un camino de renovación y, al igual que los frailes, esperamos hacerlo viviendo el Evangelio. Cómo sucederá eso depende de que cada uno de nosotros lea el Evangelio, nos encontremos en él con nuestros dones únicos y dejemos que nos guíe a nuestro trabajo. Dado que, como comunidad, estamos envejeciendo y cansados, este viaje incluirá llegar a los más jóvenes. Puede que no sea espectacular, pero nuestro trabajo aún puede ser diario, inmediato y satisfactorio.

No necesitamos ser héroes. Dios nos da buenos líderes servidores, para que esos trabajos estén cubiertos. ¿Qué hay para alguien que busca significado y relevancia al servicio de las necesidades de los demás? Supongo que nuestra aventura continuará con la mayoría de los desafíos que enfrentamos ahora.

Pero sin duda este es un buen momento para renovar nuestra alegría, celo, ilusión y fraternidad para que los más jóvenes puedan vernos y preguntarse: "¿Son reales? ¿Cuál es el motivo de su alegría...?"

Podemos encontrar la respuesta en el Evangelio.

Entonces, mientras corremos hacia la "Temporada de Alegría", reflexionemos y volvamos nuestros corazones hacia Cristo el Misionero. Nuestras vidas llegan a un amplio grupo de personas que esperan la Buena Nueva. ¿Cómo lo compartiremos? ¿Cómo construiremos la Hermosa Ciudad de amor y respeto que está destinada a ser el Templo eterno de nuestro Señor?

Ven a la fraternidad. Hablemos de ello juntos. Y si encuentra trabajo que hacer, no espere para comenzar. "¡Ahora es el momento aceptable! ¡Ahora es el año del favor...!"

Que el Espíritu de Renovación os abrace y os bendiga sin cesar.

Tom McNamara, OFS

Ministro, Fraternidad San Francisco

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Fraternity In Action

"Let us begin, for up to now, we have done nothing" - St. Francis of Assisi



The You-Fra is an experience of fraternity, a community of young believers, sons and daughters of the same Father, who share their faith, based on (fraternal) love.


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