"Let us begin, for up to now, we have done nothing" - St. Francis of Assisi

Ministry of Prayer

"As Jesus was the true worshipper of the Father, so let prayer and contemplation be the soul of all they are and do."

(Rule 8)

"Theresia's Hands" Ministry of Hospitality

"Let them exercise their resposibilities competently in the Christian spirit of service"

(Rule 14)

Apostlote Outreach Ministry

"Messengers of perfect joy in every circumstance, they should strive to bring joy and hope to others."

(Rule 19)

Ministry of Formation

Confirm, O lord the work you are doing through us!"

Ritual, page 38

"Fraternity in Action" is our fraternity's way of incorporating the Secular Franciscan Rule into our fraternal life. Each ministry calls us to serve with each other and in our secular life, bring the Gospel to Life and Life to the Gospel. Please download, the pamphlet for more information.




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