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Memorial For Mitch Mitchell, OFS

The Memorial Service for Mitch Mitchel, OFM was beautiful and well-attended. St. Mary's Staff was very understanding and welcoming. We care deeply about all our Members and Family at St. Mary's. If you would like to assist with services to the homebound or liturgies for our Departed, please contact any Council member.

September Fraternity Gathering

Our next Fraternity Gathering will be held on September 17th at St. Mary's Basement hall, 2:30 pm. It promises to be a busy afternoon. Come early to help set up and state late for conversation and fellowship. Bring a friend!

October Fraternity Gathering


We have moved our October Fraternity gathering to the fourth Sunday in Octoberwhich is October 22. Classes will begin at 12:15 and the Gathering at 2:30. This change permits us to participate at Rosary Sunday on October 15. We are inviting everyone to participate as a Fraternity. Watch for more information.

Arizona Rosary Celebration (Rosary Sunday) October 14 and 15

Join us at the Phoenix Convention center South Entrance on October 15 @ 2pm. We will be participating the Procession and sponsoring a Secular Franciscans information table. For more information visit   Bishop Dolan will be the keynote speaker. Events start before the Rosary. Come early for parking. Arizona Rosary Celebration will also be happening in Tucson on Saturday, October 14 if you live in the area.

Dia de los muertos


We are inviting Members to volunteer for the annual Dia de los muertos celebration at St. Mary's, November 25, 2023 from 11am to 5pm. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities and time slots. To see them all please visit the event information site at the address below and click on "Parish Volunteer Sign-up". Volunteers work shifts and have most of the afternoon free to enjoy the event. 

Check it out at

Dia de los muertos is tremendously popular and really brings together the whole community. The event is free. Food trucks and restaurant tables sell delicious meals. There may even be pit-barbecued pork! Don't miss it!

Fraternity Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving Day in America is more than just a meal. It is a time for remembering our blessings and our strength as community. We are inviting everyone to suggest ideas for making our November fraternity gathering a special memorial of life... and of our hope for eternal life. If you have ideas or would like to help, please let us know soon, since planning must begin right away.

Fraternity Christmas Celebration

Every year our Fraternity gathers to celebrate Christmas. It is a very special time for us, needing good ideas and extra volunteers. We would especially love to have one or two persons take charge of this event. If you would like to be in charge, please reflect on helping the poor and disadvantaged, celebrating our "blended culture", food and drink ideas, decorations, and anything else you might like. 

We would love to invite the Staff and Volunteers of St. Mary's who mean so much to us as well as all the stories and family legends that make Christmas a season of joy.

Retreats and Workshops

The Holy Spirit blesses us with opportunities to learn, grow and develop as Franciscans. Here are some upcoming Retreats and Workshops offered by the Franciscan Renewal Center.


Come With Me to the Sea of Galilee with Fr. Page Polk, September 8 - 10

Camino Franciscano Retreat with Fr. Rusty Shaughnessy, October 17-29

Thich Nhat Hanh and Tomas Merton... with Tom Stella and Dr. Albert Celoza, November 3 - 5

Live your Relationships as a Spiritual Practice with LaSehlle Lowe-Charde, December 1-3

Brush With God, Icon painting with Peter Pearson, M Div, Dec 7 - 19

Grief And Loss with Timothy Ringgold, MT-BC, Dec 8 - Dec 10

New Year's Eve Retreat, Peter Pearson, December 30 - Jan 1

Information about these and many other programs and events can be found online at  Click on the "Program Portal" button to see the full list with descriptions and instructions for registering. 

Registration includes programs, materials, room and all meals. Please visit to get the details. Note that there are deadlines for registering so don't miss the opportunities!

There are also many lectures and workshops in the mornings, afternoons and evenings on a variety of topics.

If you hear of workshops, classes, events or programs of interest to the OFS please let us know so we can announce them here...

Regional Visitation

Our tri-annual Region Visitation will happen at our September fraternity gathering on September 17th. The Regional Spiritual Assistant and a Councilor from the Regional Fraternity will examine our pastoral and fraternal goals as well as our Formation program, community gatherings, finances and a number of other topics and areas. Each member of the Council will speak with our Visitors, who will gather with our Fraternity Council to share ideas and advice. The Regional Visitation is arranged to overlap our Fraternity Gathering so that they can see and experience how we do things.

Please know that every fraternity member and Candidate is permitted to speak with these Visitors. You may meet them at our general gathering or arrange for a private appointment. The The Region is our resource team and helps keep us on track with national and international programs and objectives. 

Please welcome our Visitors warmly. We will email any further information as we receive it.

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