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A New Humanity for an Eternal World

Our Order embraces the entire planet. Since Francis first wrote a "rule of life" for lay people, we have been sharing and spreading his kindness, faith and love for the Gospel in all the cultures and communities of the world. In addition to this, we have focused on serving immediate and local needs, using all the talents, gifts and resources of all the people who embrace profession.

This gives our community a character that is unique. Not only are we over 800 years old, but we are beloved by our Church, supported in all our needs and shepherded by our local Ordinary, who happens to be the Bishop of Rome. Our Catholic Church considers us to be a true religious Order, whose members live in the daily, secular world. Without a convent or monastery, we call the whole world our home, and we bring the light of the Gospel into every corner of our world.

Our Church has always recognized God's love and mission in the lay world. Since Vatican II our Church has confirmed, enlightened and proclaimed the indispensable role of lay people in the life of the Church and it's work. Like our religious Sisters, our brother priests and monks we reveal the great joy of the Gospel in our daily lives. Christ blesses lay people, particularly with the gift of endless diversity. Always searching, always listening, we hear in the cries of the world the voice of Christ saying "Come and see where I live...!" Finding him, and growing to know him, we invite the world to "come and see a man who told us who we are..." Through us, others meet Christ, perhaps for the first time, and believe in him.

We don't have to go far or accomplish great tasks. All we need to do is put on our shoes in the morning, open our hearts to Christ, and go out to join him in his daily work of feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked and sharing the Good News. Along the way we are changed by the work we do, becoming more and more like him. That's how people know us, by the love in our hearts.

Ours is a fine and meaningful work, in a good and blessed community. Why not invite a friend to "come and see" how we live and how we work? Fraternal life isn't meant to separate us or set us apart in the Church or in the world. Rather, our life draws us deeper into both "until the old man is no more" and the Holy Spirit fashions us into new creations, a new humanity for a new and eternal World.

Happy Lent!


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