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National Visitation 2023

The National Visitation of Saint Thomas More Region convened on March 3 and ended March 6. The local fraternities were well-represented either by Ministers or their Delegates. We met to approve activities and projects advanced by the Regional Executive Council during the past several months. We also all had the chance to meet with, share ideas, and learn from our National Visitors.

The results of this Visitation will be conveyed by formal report in the next few months. A copy will be sent to all our fraternities and we will publish the report when we receive it.

There were a lot of topics to cover as well as all the personal meetings. We also had an opportunity to receive special formation for our Region's Spiritual Assistants, which was well received. Overall, our Region has gotten much support and commendations from the National Visitors, so I'm expecting a very good report. Best of all are the many ideas shared and the mutual hope for much more collaboration in every area of fraternity life. One area to mention is the joint-formation of Candidates. I also receive an inquiry about the possibility of sharing our upcoming celebration of Professions with other fraternities. Much needs to be discussed. When there's news to share, well have it here!

Peace and all Good to everyone. Our Region is coming back from pandemic conditions with a roar. Please remember, however, that people are still getting infected. Continue being careful but give thanks for God's protection as well.

Tom McNamara, Minister


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