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Remember That You Are Dust...

It's not a popular idea in our modern world. We tend to be rather full of ourselves. We prefer to think of ourselves as "self-made", "independent actors", and "captains of our own ships". We alone determine our fate with little or no recognition of God, or his authority.

And it shows, doesn't it? Our world is filled with strife and division, plagued by greed, theft of resources, conflict and war. It reaches even into our fraternities--our "love-communities"--which should be dedicted to truth, to showiong the world that it is possible to live in pece and mutuality. Franciscans are suppposed to live for others. More often than not we as "What's in it for me...?"

The Season of Lent reminds us where we come from. We are made from the dust of the earth. But what Dust we have become! tThis dust--these particles and atoms of physical things--carry and contain the very breath of God, by wholse love all things exist! On February 14 we celebrated the feast of Saint Valentine and on February 22 we will celebrate Ash Wednesday. God loves this Dust, which is learning ow to love!

Lent, in this way, is a celebration of love in the world, love in the streets, love in the marketplaces and businesses, love in the halls of service and justice, love in the hospitals and places of healing, in the churches and temples, in the gardens and wild parks, in the highways and skyways. Wherever we turn it is possible to find somone loving. When we look, can we see each other?

During the Season of Lent, reflect on love. Read all the love-stories in Scripture. Wacth for love where you live and work; you will recognize its signs.

"Behold! The desert blooms! The dead stalk sprouts new life! The winter of our discontent passes and a New Spring comes! The cold rains have passed. Flowers appear on the earth...!" Where is the growth happing you hour world, in yourself? Where are you being made new by love? What must you surrender to make room for new life? How will the power of love transform you...?

"Three things endure: faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is Love."

18 February 2023


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